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Office Update During COVID-19

I have been asked countless times what my thoughts are and what will happen to the Real Estate industry here. Prior to Covis-19, in fact since mid-last year buyer interest was high locally from interstate buyers, and it is still there, maybe as I like to look at it, we are just in a holding pattern. We are indeed so lucky to be living in the Limestone Coast as the region offers so much in terms of lifestyle, location and leisure.

The new normal is vastly different in some ways, but we must all agree how lucky we are to be living in Australia and the way the leaders of our country have protected us fiercely against the virus. We are even luckier to be living in a region with so much space during restrictions, at times I’ve wondered if it’s affected life at all.

We have been working hard behind the scenes on providing you new and exciting things to be implemented over the next few months. So this brings me to the new way of virtual selling and yes we have sold a couple already using walkthrough videos.

Hopefully we are getting better at it! We are slowly getting around to all of our current listings and we are definitely doing video for all of our new listings. This week they are being released on Facebook online with all websites. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Best wishes and stay healthy.

Fiona Telfer