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Tips For Presenting Your Home

Selling Tip and free advice on getting your home ready for sale
Remember – you only get one first impression!

Preparing your home ready to go on the market is something that many find very daunting.
When the environment around you is so familiar it is a good idea to have a fresh set of eyes to give you an idea of what a buyer will see differently to you.
Our Experienced Sales Consultant will be more than happy to assist with knowledge of what you could or need to do to maximize getting the best return for you home. Maybe you only need to do a few small inexpensive improvements rather than the big $10,000 pergola which may not mean you will increase the value by $10,000 so not perhaps worth spending money on that project.
In this day and age, we are all becoming increasingly time poor so any home that ticks the boxes and has less to do than another in the same price bracket will sell quickly.

Make your property more attractive to buyers
with these simple ideas!

Listing your property for sale can be both exciting and terrifying, however some small changes can make a big impact on your property’s attractiveness and ultimately the selling price.
Look around your house with a buyer hat on... What do you see that needs attention without looking too hard? Is there something you have been putting off for a long time? Chances are a buyer will spot that straight away!

Make an entrance - Front Garden
What’s the initial presentation like?.. Is it welcoming? Would some potted plants improve the dull doorway and entrance?
Cobwebs up high and in corners
Gutters and any overhanging trees in the gutters need cutting back an away from powerlines
Pave a pathway to your front door
Spruce up your front door with a coat of paint
What is the privacy like would it benefit from adding a low wall at the front of your house
If your hallway is narrow and dark, lighten it up by painting it a light colour and add a broad floor runner.
Invest in a new front door mat
Main Living areas - Lounge Room
How cluttered is your living areas, family rooms and formal lounges included? Declutter as much as possible.
Use neutral colours in your living space and
Organise and arrange furniture to make the small space seem larger
Ensure your carpets are cleaned. Ask people if you have pets inside if they can smell that throughout where carpet is?
Ensure marked or damaged timber floors are re-sanded and polished
Layout your living area to show how you live there

The room must impress - Kitchens
If you have timber cupboards. Closely inspect if they need a grime clean and stain, gloss touch up if dull
Tiles splashbacks – touch up grout or a replace with a modern splashback and replace handles with new stainless steel handles to give fresh appeal
A fresh coat of paint will cover cooking splatters and add life to a drab kitchen
Kitchen clutter must be cleared
Look high above. Is there grime on top of cupboards, cobwebs and fly/bug stains
Try to have a neutral tone and have a splash of colour feature. Clean and simple styles suits

Clean and simple – Bathroom, Ensuite and Laundry
Your bathroom must be spotless and tiles clean. Grout not stains and all mould scrubbed
Fix or replace cracked basins, toilets or shower screens
Fresh Air your bathroom before inspections - bad smells are a buyer turn off!
Retire the old towels and buy some fresh newer plump towels
Have nice smells of handmade soaps, a plant or flowers and add some boutique bath products

A place to rest - Bedrooms
Reduce clutter on side cabinets and dressing tables the amount of furniture in small bedrooms to give the impression of space. Add a simple lamp and hide Jewellery/ shoe racks etc
De-personalise your bedroom but add little touches like candles and perfume bottles
Storage is important - consider adding built-in wardrobes
Buy a fresh new quilt cover and new cushions to make the bed a feature you are drawn to
Dimmer switches create atmosphere in a bedroom

Entertaining areas - Backyard
Totally clean all outdoor furniture – cobwebs and birds love these areas
Defining your garden bed borders
Add a focal point. What creature comforts can you add. A comfy seat, cushions [temp even for showing and photos]
Is it private and wind protected. Would some screening options make a difference
Green pots framing the area and water features create tranquillity

Finishing Touches – Complete the appeal
Ensure all areas have been dusted, vacuumed and place new light globes in all rooms
Avoid patterned and busy coloured accessories as they create a cluttered feeling
Add colour to neutral rooms through accessories
Keep window treatments simple and inspect the tracks for dead bugs and fly stains
Remember smells are a huge thing. Animal odour and smoke are huge turnoffs to be where of this prior to inspections
Remove all dog and cat bowls before any inspections